October 30, 2013:

Sorry for the hiccup in updates; things have been a little wonky at home lately. I did have several pages completed in time for the updates, but I never got around to uploading them to the server and updating the webpages on the site.
I will do better to keep on top of site maintenence, working on the comic, and keeping you guys in the loop.


April 6, 2013:

Updated the site a bit. Hopefully it looks a little more streamlined?
I have a facebook fanpage for OcculTango, and you can vote for us at TWC! I'm still putting things together, but I'll hopefully get some reward/gift things up for voting soon.

Also: I'm going to be at AnimeDetour in a couple weeks (April 19-21)! I'll be selling prints and sketch commissions as well as the first volume of OcculTango! It has chapters 1-6 as well as bonus bio-pages and a mini comic! I'll have a link to buy directly from the publisher after the convention for those who can't make it. I'll also be setting up the option for those who would like it signed and stuff, so stay tuned for more information about that!


October 23, 2012:

OcculTango will be coming back on the 30th! It will only be updating once a week, however, so that I may catch up
and get a buffer going again. The comic will now update every Tuesday until further notice!
I will be trying to get more illustrations and things done for the site as well.
It's good to be back!

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